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South East Seismic Survey to commence

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Beach Energy expects to commence the Dombey 3D Seismic Survey in November, with the aim of identifying potential natural gas reservoirs and boosting energy security for the South East.

The area to be surveyed is located approximately 15 kilometres west of Penola, covering 165 square kilometres, and will be conducted over a six-to-ten-week period.

The survey has been designed as a low footprint, low impact project and will be conducted under strict regulatory conditions

Seismic surveys use special vibrating trucks to send soundwaves into the ground, which bounce back off different rock types underground, and are then detected by receivers back at the surface.

Once the data in the receivers is collected, downloaded and processed, a three-dimensional image of the subsurface geology is produced, allowing engineers and geologists to target future drilling opportunities with greater precision.

Beach has undertaken an environmental evaluation of the survey area which includes an assessment of the local ecology, to ensure that the company meets its regulatory environmental objectives.

Beach's Regional Manager Jon Conti said that the safety of our people and the local community, as well as the protection of the land, were key objectives of the seismic survey.

"Beach has 60 years of experience in undertaking these sorts of activities, and we are committed to doing so in a manner which is safe and sustainable," Mr Conti said.

"We also believe it is important to use local businesses to support our operations wherever we can

Last year, Beach released two key environmental reports outlining future seismic activities, both of which were approved by the South Australian Government following an extended period of community consultation.

"Over the past 18 months we have been speaking with landholders, regional stakeholders and the community about the project, which is important to ensuring future natural gas supply to the South East," Mr Conti said.

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Beach Energy Limited | South East Seismic Survey to commence

"If anyone has questions about the survey or would like more information, I encourage them to visit Beach's website, or pop in to our shopfront on Church Street."

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Chris Burford, Corporate Affairs Manager

Dombey Seismic Survey area

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