Cue Energy Resources : - Regulatory Approval Received from Northern Territory Government


The Northern Territory Government has provided its regulatory approval to Cue in relation to the transaction to acquire Amadeus Basin assets from Central Petroleum.

This satisfies a key condition precedent of the transaction. Conditions remaining to be satisfied are third party approvals.

As announced on 25 May 2021, Cue has executed a sale and purchase agreement to acquire a 7.5% interest in the Mereenie gas and oil field and 15% interest in the Palm Valley and Dingo gas fields in the Amadeus Basin, onshore Northern Territory


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About Cue Energy

Cue Energy Resources Limited is an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: CUE) listed oil and gas production and exploration company. Cue's FY21 revenue was A$22.5million from gas production offshore Indonesia and oil production offshore New Zealand and onshore Indonesia. Cue has operated and non-operated interests in exploration permits in the Carnarvon Basin, offshore Western Australia. In May 2021, Cue entered into transaction documents to acquire interests in the Mereenie gas and oil field, and the Palm Valley and Dingo gas fields, from Central Petroleum Limited.

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