PepinNini Minerals Ltd - Lithium brine blending study close to completion, strong results continue with PNN brine mix paralleling Atacama brine


PepinNini Minerals Ltd (PepinNini, PNN) reports strong results from the lithium brine blending study underway in Chile, using brine from the company's leases on the Rincon and Incahuasi salares in Argentina.

Results from the study, initially reported 22 September, continue to demonstrate high lithium ion concentrate values during the evaporation of blended brines when compared with concentrate values from individual salar brines.

An encouraging development arising from the process being pursued by PepinNini is that it follows a similar concentration chemical pathway to that of brine from Salar de Atacama in Chile which hosts two of the world's largest lithium producers, Albermarle and SQM, Atacama Lithium is the premier project of SQM( Sociedad Quimica y Minera NYSE:SQM) in Chile.

But the mixed PNN brine out performs Atacama brine during the concentration process resulting in close to zero SO4, sulphate, all of which means less lithium is lost as LiSO4 and PNN brine has an equivalent lithium ion concentration in end product

The blending of brine with a high concentration of sulphate from the Salar del Rincon with the brine of high concentration of calcium from the Salar de Incahuasi avoids the precipitation of lithium sulphate and reduces the calcium content. By using this difference between the brines, it is possible to obtain a higher concentration of lithium in the brine at a lower cost.

The results reported represent interim results as the last stage of the evaporation process will be magnesium removal using potassium chloride KCl, results are expected mid December. It is anticipated that results following completion of the study will demonstrate a viable, lower cost methodology is possible with PNN blended brine concentrating to maximize lithium ion content.

Study methodology

The detailed methodology of the company's blended brine study is set out in the company's


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